Actual Team  sonicArk

Andres Bosshard, the man with the balloon;  Jacob Kirkegaard, composer Earchestra; Katrinka Fogh Vindelev, voice arrangements Earchestra; Lucas Niggli, windwhirl drummer; Susanne Wrage, voice guardian, David Moss voice guardian; Kunigunde, small voice guardian; Bobor, talking bird; Chris Gmür, Airport Voice; Aresu Khoshy, Farugh Alem Yar, farsi translators.

Live performing Artists

Andres Bosshard, Jacob Kirkegaard, Katrinka Fogh Vindelev.
Team Birgitte Lykke Stein (music school Laura): Emma Thiesson Rasmussen, Hedvig Marie Øllgaard, Ida Maria Bech Bennetsen, Karl Johan Mulvad Brokmann, Klara Yenti, Lilliendahl Hansen, Lui Seier Rostgaard Keldorff, Olivia Brøgger Langkjær, Sille Filippa Scherning, Sofia Rosalina Godber Grube, Sofie Nygaard Vestskov, Amanda Appel Bendsen for the Flying Orchestra. Ole Brun Jensen, Claus Thøgersen, Susanne Nolsøe, Playground for the Ear of Blind People. Midttraffik busdriver Oliver Prehn (base driver) and his team, Echoes of the Bell of Birth. Members from the choirs from Fredenskirken, directed by Analise Lise Quorning; members from the choirs from Laurensens Realskole direkted by Birgitte Lykke Stein; members from the choir Koriosum, the choir Oh Yeah, the choir Korimba, the choir Snap Out Of It dircted by Kristine Poulsgaard Tjørnholm for the Murmarmar opening of the Windpillars. Composition of the final song På ny by Kristine Poulsgaard Tjørnholm.

Production team sonicArk

Franziska Grob, producer; Jürgen Hankeln, technical director; musstdesign, Simone Conforti for updates of interactive software; Augenstern, Ulrike Felsing, Florine Baeriswyl, visual communication; Eric Wehner visual documentation; Trond Maag, urbanistic advisor; Rikke Munck Petersen, landscape architect.

Echoes of the Bell of Birth

Echoes of the Bell of Birth is composed as a poetic/musical answer in honorable recognition to the artwork Bell of Birth in Dokk 1 by Kirstine Roepstorff. It was realized daily by about 45 members of the bus team of midttraffic in the urban area of Aarhus during January, February and March 2017 with great care and understanding for its poetic and musical quality.

Production team Aarhus

Bikendi Cadelo, Peter Studstrup, Annette Damgaard, Sif Rauff and Juliana Engberg (Aarhus 2017).
Heine Nielsen, Sound of Innovation. Henry Thomson, Solbaaden APS.

Wind Pillar construction team

Jürgen Hankeln, Anna Schilling , Mathis Braun, Franziska Grob, Eric Wehner.