Cycle of the Ear

Listen to the results of the sound walks through-out Aarhus in 2016/7 and the echos of many more discoveries: the Garden of Languages, the Murmur River, the Monument of Spinning Sounds, the Point of Breath near the Sound Set Beach…First birth, than laughter, murmarmar and in the center sonicArk’s wind pillars with the Flying Orchestra, a play-ground full of memory in the Ear of the Future – that’s the Cycle of the Ear of sonicArk from October 2016 till August 2017. (Copyright of the fotos by Jürgen Hankeln, Franziska Grob, Andres Bosshard).


Flying Orchestra

A group of about a dozen children visited the symphonic concert of the program launch event in the Aarhus Theatre. The children, with small recording devices in their hands, moved between the playing instruments on stage. The recordings created in this way have been translated into a multi-channel score for the sonicArk installation setup. Clapp three times in your hands Listen! and the flying orchestra will embrace you with the sounds, originating from the children’s recordings, and literally fly them to and fro across the air of the Europaplads.


Murmermar, the Fleet of Singing Choirs

Listen ! Friday 9.6.2017 a small fleet of solar boats will carry numerous murmuring, whispering and singing members of several Aarhus choirs, from Mølleparken down the Aarhus Å River to Åboulevarden 3. There all the singers will disembark, ending their performance in the open sound field of the sonicArk installation. A group of mobile microphone carriers will document the entire expedition. A few carriers will be on the boats among the singers, others will wait under bridges and move along the riverside. Some will even send up a recording balloon.

DSC00382 1

sonicArk’s Wind Pillars

The strong and almost permanent wind on Europaplads is the conductor of all sound performances which feature stored recording pleasures from Aarhus.  The movements of the air above the Europaplads will articulate live the panning movements of the actual sounds throughout the multichannel setup. People can request a choreophonic piece on site. During 9-12 am and 15-20 pm the sonicArk installation  listens for  three hand clappings, which will start the flying orchestra to appear (5 min).
The sonicArk compositions  encompass all the sounds of the pleasure recordings from 2016 and 2017,  like the Flying Orchestra, Playground for the Ears of Blind People, the Factory of Memory, the Talking Bird, the Fountain of Laughters and the Whind Whirls of Lucas. The sonicArk’s Windpillars are active from 10.6. till  4.8.2017 from 9 am to 21 pm.
The Windpillars have been baptised in the opning ceremony with the follwing names (from left to right): Hei Neither, You Either, Oh And.

windpillar001 1

Playground for the Ears of Blind People

A group of blind people were guiding me across the soundscape of Aarhus. We developed a joyous way of listening mode, where we all began to play with the acoustic properties of various locations. Three recording pleasures from the echo circle in the Mindeparken, a stroll through the haunting acoustic of Bruun’s Galleri and the exquisite shaped soundscape in the Dokk1 will be included in the compositions of the virtual windmill of sonicArk at Europaplads.


The Factory of Memory

Three teams have been recording the voices and sounds of the old workshops for four hours of interviews and spontaneous story-telling. A true cloud of recorded sounds of the Værkstedet Østergade 40 will be the result. It will be published as a radiophonic documentation, and as a composition for the wind-active sonicArk installation at Europaplads during the summer of 2017. It will be also part of the presentation in the sound garden performance at the Universitetsparkens amfiscene at the weekend of 11.-13. August 2017.


The ear of the future

Soundgarden, singing trees and performances of all the results of sonicArk: Flying Orchestra, Playground for the Ears of Blind People, the Queen‘s Laughter, The Factory of Memory, and Murmurmar as live performances in the scenic soundscape of the Universitetsparkens amfiscene: 11.-13. August 2017.

The Earchestra for Voices

A live performance in the sonic garden by Aarhus Pigekor, of a new vocal composition by Jacob Kirkegaard, with voice arrangements by Katinka Fogh Vindelev. The vocal work is composed from tones generated in the inner ear, it connects two intimate organs of the human body: the ear and the voice. The faint tones recorded deep inside the ears will be interpreted for voice and performed live. In Spring 2017 Jacob Kirkegaard will be recording the sound of Aarhus Pigekor‘s ears and collect those that emit tones. He will then filter and organize all the ear ‚chords‘ into a composition that will be entirely based on tones emitted from the ears of Aarhus Pigekor. Live performances in the scenic soundscape of the Universitetsparkens amfiscene: 11.-13. August 2017.


Sound experience walks

Join the Sound Experience Walks by Trond Maag and Rikke Munck Petersen!
15.6.2017. Meeting point: At the three windpillars of sonicArk  in front of the Europahuset. Time: (3pm)
11.8.,12.8. and 13,8.2017. Meeting point: Amphitheatre of the University Aarhus. Time: (2pm, 6pm)